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Ol Tukai Lodge Ol Tukai Lodge Ol Tukai Lodge Ol Tukai Lodge Ol Tukai Lodge
Ol Tukai Lodge shares in the rich cultural history of Amboseli involving The Maasai Community, The Colonial Government and The Early European explorers. The culmination of all these defines our hospitality offering of authentic African Safari experience and culture. The lodge opened its doors in 1996, on the original setup for the film crew who shot Snow at Kilimanjaro in 1948 starring Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward and Ava Gardner – an adaptation of The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories, a compendium of short stories authored by Ernest Hemingway that was published in 1961. The lodge is strategically located at the heart of Amboseli National Park. As such, it is designed to take advantage of its scenic environment; Mt. Kilimanjaro and the abundant wildlife of Amboseli, making it a world-renowned spot to observe African Elephants. We started out by offering unique Safari experiences to leisure travelers but we have since expanded our services to the corporate world. Our strength lies in our flexibility to offer hospitality excellence to diverse travel individuals. Integrity is deeply woven into our business culture. We also promote a working environment that cultivates job satisfaction. We are disability-friendly, family-friendly, and eco-friendly.